Homatics - Dongle Q and Box Q Smart TV

It's not about TV anymore.

TV apps
Supports Kodi
Supports Netflix
Supports HBO
Supports Prime video
Supports Disney+
Supports Spotify

Acces to all your favourite apps

Now there is nothing that can stop you from watching your favorite TV show or movie on any of streaming platforms.

Supports official Kodi app for Android TV

Kodi is the ultimate entertainment center

Kodi brings your media to life with endless features, a beautiful interface and ease of use.

Not just TV but whole ENTERTAINMENT HUB

Play games - Homatics TV

Play your favourite games

Stream photos - Homatics TV

Stream photos from your family vacation

Listen music and podcasts - Homatics TV

Listen to music or podcasts

spotify screen

Less waiting
More fun!

Homatics TV Amlogic chipset glow above chipset

Smooth hardware you can relly on

Bigger RAM...
Faster processor...
Than any other smart tv box.

Quick setup

Because we think simplicity makes the difference. Just connect your Android phone to the device and you are ready to go with all your settings, watch history etc.

Fast setup from your Android smartphone - Homatics TV

Bigger is better

Thanks to build-in Chromecast you can simply watch everything from your phone on a bigger screen

Chromecast from your smartphone Chromecast to your Homatics TV

Just say it!

Hands-free controlling for every situation and every smart device in your house.

Control your TV with Hey Google Assistant
hey google logo

Show me movies about nature

Open Netflix

What is the weather like?

I want to play some racing game

At a touch of your finger

4.2 Bluetooth controler

Bluetooth 4.2

With new super fast Bluetooth, you can reach homatics even hidden behind your TV, connect headphones or speakers.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

It has never been easier to talk to Google Assistant.

Homativs TV controler
Hardware buttons to open apps like Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Prime

Hardware buttons

With hardware buttons you can instantly start watching Netlix, YouTube or Amazon Prime.

control everything icon

Control everything

Simplistic layout let's you control everything really fast.

Comes with the latest
Android 10

is powered by Android 10, which brings ton of features that you already know, like voice search, Chromecast, games and your favourite apps. It's a world full of content that your family can enjoy. All apps work perfectly, thanks to a long term updates.

Homatics Smart TV with official Android 10

Your senses will  it

Picture quality comprison HD Picture quality comprison 4K UHD

4K UHD with 60fps

Let your TV unvail it's full potential.

Dolby Audio

Sound that will feel like your are in the middle of the scene

According to your needs

Homatics Box Q

Couch potato

Watch your content uninterupted thanks to build-in LAN port

cross icon
Homatics Dongle Q

Keen traveler

Your entertainment buddy on the go

Your wallet won't complain, don't worry

Smart Andriod TV Homatics Box Q

Homatics Box Q

Portable TV for your travels

Smart Andriod TV Homatics Dongle Q

Homatics Dongle Q

Portable TV for your travels